QI™: Lumina’s Full Suite of Quantitative Interpretation Tools

 Lumina is pleased to announce the launch of its new software offering, QI™. This standalone desktop application provides a full suite of quantitative interpretation tools. It includes advanced spectral analysis capabilities and other data processing functions, such as seismic conditioning, QC, visualization, pre- and post-stack inversion techniques, and attribute analysis modules. In addition, QI™ will soon be available as an integrated offering on several popular interpretation systems such as Prospectra®.

QI™ provides powerful data processing capabilities that enable geoscientists to quickly and accurately process seismic data while providing insight into the subsurface structure. Its advanced spectral analysis capabilities allow users to quickly analyze their seismic data’s frequency content. This technique permits seismic interpretation beyond specifying reservoir geometry and defining stratigraphy. 

The user-friendly interface allows quick access to all features, making it easier for geoscientists to process their data in less time than ever before. Additionally, its built-in QC feature ensures that the data being processed is always accurate and up to date. The Pre-stack Inversion Module allows users to generate more detailed images from their seismic data than ever by inverting the amplitude information into structural properties such as impedance or elastic constants. This additional information can be used to gain a better understanding of the subsurface, thus reducing exploration risk and improving success rates. By combining these advanced features with its intuitive user interface, this software is designed to help users make the most out of their seismic data in less time than ever before.

The Post-Stack Inversion Module takes this one step further by using the seismic amplitudes combined with well-log information to generate a 2D model of the subsurface structure. Furthermore, QI™’s multiple attribute analysis modules provide users with added insights into their seismic data by analyzing attributes such as dip angle and azimuth within each trace on a 2D basis over time or space intervals. 

QI™ is essential for any geoscience team looking to maximize its efficiency when processing sizable seismic data volumes. With its powerful yet easy-to-use toolsets, Lumina has created a comprehensive desktop application designed specifically for quantitative interpretation tasks. The standalone version is now available directly from Lumina’s website or through one of our authorized resellers worldwide; an integrated version will be available soon on popular interpretation systems worldwide. Contact us today for more information about how you can benefit from QI™! Make informed decisions today about your seismic datasets with Quantitative Interpretation with Lumina’s software solutions.