Lumina Geophysical

High Resolution Reservoir Characterization

Lumina Geophysical Software

Lumina’s desktop software brings state-of-the-art advanced seismic spectral and quantitative analysis capabilities to the desktop of every interpreter. These methods have been refined and proven through years of successful service work in Geologic settings all over the world, and are now available to the industry as applications designed for ease of use and integration with everyday geoscience workflows.

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Advanced Spectral Analysis Plug-ins


Selected fundamental spectral analysis techniques are offered as plug-ins to the popular Petrel and DecisionSpace® interpretation platforms. Fast, flexible, and easy to use, Prospectra® is designed for today’s asset teams and scales to handle any size task.

With Prospectra® you have access to unique and best-in-class tools for analyzing and interpreting your data, particularly suited for thin beds, critical fault analysis, and increasing the detail and accuracy of your reservoir characterization projects.

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Quantitative Interpretation Suite


QI brings Lumina’s full suite of quantitative interpretation tools to the desktop as a standalone offering. In addition to the advanced spectral analysis capabilities offered in Prospectra®, QI provides a full suite of seismic conditioning, QC, visualization, pre- and post-stack inversion techniques, and multiple attribute analysis modules. QI will also be available as an integrated offering on popular interpretation systems in the near future.

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The Future of Geophysical Modeling is Here


Leonardo software is engineered for the future. It can be used to draw your 2D geological model more quickly, without having to set up complicated project and workspace. Leonardo allows users to save the model and generate the seismic responses in no time.

Lumina Geophysical

What They’re Saying

“Lumina’s inversion technology has provided greater confidence in field development planning”

Cairn-Meandering channel sand reservoir, TLE 2015

“…reveals prospective productive locations that are not apparent on a conventional seismic inversion…”

Swift Energy-Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoir, EAGE 2014

“…at least a doubling of bandwidth…improved vertical detail…improved stratigraphic understanding of the reservoir…”

Talisman Sinopec Energy UK – North Sea Case Study, EAGE 2014