Technical Talk at Lunch East Texas Geologic Soc. | Tyler, TX | May 17th

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Gabriel Gil presents:
Use of Phase Decomposition for Better Seismic Analysis

11:30 AM Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Where: Hollytree Country Club, 6700 Hollytree Dr, Tyler, TX 75703

Analysis and interpretation of seismic data on reservoir events can be complicated  due interference between reflectors and between lithologic and fluid contributions to layer responses.
Phase Decomposition is a process that breaks the seismic trace into different phase components, isolating contributions to seismic events associated with specific rock and fluid variations. In the simplest case, anomalous behavior in seismically thin layers with defined geometries can be amplified or suppressed on individual phase components which simultaneously convey amplitude and phase information. Phase Decomposition can be used to remove interference of layers, isolating the seismic response of the reservoir, and thereby providing a better seismic image and improved interpretability. This analysis can be extended to identify lithology and fluid variations in the reservoir. Examples of the applications of Phase Decomposition on synthetic and real data are presented on different types of reservoirs showing the improved reservoir identification and delineation provided on key phase components.

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