QI Software for Interpreters, by Interpreters

It can be difficult to manage the multiple data types and volumes used in Quantitative Seismic Interpretation and to ensure key factors are integrated into your final interpretation. With QI-Pro, integration is accomplished without the need for complicated scripting or coding.

QI-Pro allows you to quickly combine several attribute volumes into a cohesive geological story.

It provides easy loading, simultaneous viewing and classification of numerous data types using interactive crossplots, maps and cross-sections.

What’s the Competitive Advantage?

  • Shorten interpretation time.
  • Test geological scenarios and interpretation sensitivity with unprecedented ease and agility.
    • Quickly swap attribute versions to determine the influence of parameter selection on final classification.
    • Interactively adjust rock physics interpretations and instantly judge the impact on the map and cross-section views.
  • Increase collaboration between geophysicists, geologists, engineers and managers by transforming complex seismic attribute volumes into universally understood reservoir character interpretations in real-time.
  • In-depth geophysical or rock physics knowledge not required
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QI-Pro for Petrel and DecisionSpace

Why QI-Pro?

1   One

  • Significantly reduce exploration and development risk by improving the quality and detail of reservoir characterization

2   Two

  • Reveal subtle geological trends and features, such as rock type, porosity, fractures, pressure and reservoir fluids

3   Three

  • Quickly and efficiently investigate regional to reservoir-scale scenarios and sensitivities


• Launch QI-Pro directly from your Petrel or DecisionSpace projects
• All the features of the Standalone Version

Standalone Version

• Standard SEG-Y and LAS input and output
• Easily load data generated from any software and rock physics templates from any source

Powerful visualization

• Crossplots, cross-sections, log displays and maps